haze gray

The Concept

Welcome aboard, shipmates. You’re now joining the crew of the USS Haze Gray (DDFG 610).


The concept of Haze Gray the series is to tell the stories of naval life across the ages. So, the Haze Gray” ship is soon to be sunk after its decommissioning. This turns the ship into a reef. This is the story arc to cover decades of navy changes.

We start when a character reports to the Haze Gray”. We meet some of the crew, some family, and finish the story. As that story concludes we fade into a gathering, signs show it’s the SINKEX REUNION 1980-2030. People are drinking, talking, and laughing. Overheard are people saying, “Remember that time when….” and “That time we…”.

This gives voice to the cartoon, and the many sea stories that could be lost in time. Quick tests on Facebook have shown interest, sailors sharing stories to use.

A voice.

Some of the voices will be done by theater friends. Some are being done by shipmates, or their children. I’m also asking sailors to be narrators for any stories they provide.

The episodes are being created as shorts, around 10-15 minutes. (More, or less.) But they will then be put together to tell a full story that can be aired all at once. Some bits are to be serialized, some are just the zaniness that is Navy Life.