The Concept

The Concept

As I said on the Haze Gray page, this was the 1980’s. Now it’s a whole new century . A whole new millenium even, and the US Navy has moved on. I was a Radioman way back when. We set up and maintained ship to ship, and ship to shore communications. That is no longer a job name in the fleet, as now they’re called IT-men instead.

So how do we make a comic about the Navy when I got out in 1991?


The concept of Haze Gray the series is to tell the stories of naval life across the ages. We start when a character reports to the ship, the Haze Gray. We’ll meet some of the crew, some family members, and finish the story. 

As that story concludes we fade into a gathering, signs reading “SINKEX REUNION 1980-2030”. People are drinking, talking, and laughing. Overheard are people saying, “Remember that time when….” and “That time we…”. 

We discover that the ship, the Haze Gray, is soon to be sunk after decommissioning. This turns the ship into a reef. The reunion story arc ties together decades of Navy changes by giving us a means to go back and forth in time as we share stories of the Haze Gray and her various crews over the decades, thus saving the many sea stories that could be lost in time.

Quick tests on Facebook have shown interest, sailors sharing stories to use. Their voices.

Go to the Character page to meet the crew and their voices.