Music: SiriusXM Nextwave – Echo & the Bunnymen

I was working on a new shot for the first episode of Haze Gray. Cartoon Animator is a great tool for the job. It’s like a studio with all the power of one. I currently started using Blackmagic’s Davinci Resolve to replace the monthly charges of Adobe. Davinci is also a complete studio – containing videu/audio/fx in one package. I did my audio capture for characters in Resolve, but ran into a complication. The .wav output is not compatible with Cartoon Animator 4 (CA4). What I’m doing is all my tweaks in the Fairlight (audio) tab in Resolve and exporting the .wav. I then bring that wav into Audacity, one of the oldest free apps out there. I export he wav file and use THAT in CA4. I’m using a lot of free (legally) apps to create HG (Haze Gray), because Elon Musk blocked me on Twitter. Really, I can’t afford many, but I am using some very respectable softwarez to give you guys a good product.

Cartoon Animator 4 (paid)
Davinci Resolve 17 (free version) A real powerhouse, even in the free version
Audacity (free)
Trelby (free) – open source screen writing.
LibreOffice (free) MS Office alternative

So, for now….

That is all.